There Is No Way In Hell I’m Watching the New Paranormal Activity Trailer, But You Totally Should

Take your first look at Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. I’m good. 

A lot of people (okay, really only just me) describe me as “a bad bitch.” I’m not afraid of that much, but there is no way that I’m watching this Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension trailer. Or the previous Paranormal Activity movies. What I’m saying is I hate all horror movies, I hate them so much that I read the Wikipedia entries for them when they come out so I can still get the adrenaline rush of watching one, without actually watching one. (The Mothman Prophecies is my favorite, we can talk about this another day, hey Richard Gere call me sometime.) Anyways, where were we? The fifth and final film in the Paranormal Activity franchise comes out on October 23rd.