There’s a New Fall TV Show for Everyone! Even If You’re Stupid!

We’re looking at you, Dads.

If You Like Awkward/Funny British Telly, Watch Hello Ladies

Good news! It turns out that you’re not the most awkward guy in the world when it comes to mingling with members of the opposite sex. This guy is. Frequent Ricky Gervais collaborator Steven Merchant stars as Stuart, a Brit looking for love in Los Angeles. He is joined by his best friend Wade (Nate Torrence) – “as in Roe v. Wade.” Of course, this isn’t TV; it’s HBO, which and means Hello Ladies is probably going to be hilarious. But if you’re looking for a little self-esteem boost in your Sunday night TV lineup, BOOM.

If You Can Suspend Disbelief and Not Overthink It, Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine

FOX’s new sitcom stars Andy Samberg as a goofy but well-meaning detective at a Brooklyn police precinct, where he is joined by a cast of characters including Andre Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Streets), comedian Chelsea Peretti, the hilarious Joe Lo Truglio, and NFL star Terry Crews. Is Samberg believable as a cop – even a comedic cop? Not so much; every time he walks down a hallway with a gun, it seems like a setup for a Laser Cats sketch. But, if you can just set that aside and accept the premise, then by all means, tune into Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You’re going to love it.

If You’re Not Smarter than a 5th Grader, Watch The Million Second Quiz

A million seconds, eh? That’s gotta be at least, what, like four hours? And that seems a bit long for any single program – and about four hours too long for a Ryan Seacrest-hosted program. The concept behind this NBC quiz show is so overly complicated we can’t even understand it; not that we’d really want to. If you’re bored enough to waste four hours of your life watching the watered-down, primetime equivalent of Jeopardy, then this one’s for you. [Editor’s note:A million seconds is not four hours. It is 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes, and 40 seconds.]

If You’re North of 30 and Still Go to Frat Parties, Watch We Are Men

Perhaps the title of this corn-fest should be “We Are Men?” – with a question mark. Because that seems debatable. But, seriously, this CBS sitcom, about four newly single guys (Tony Shaloub, Kal Penn, Jerry O’Connell, and Chris Smith) who befriend each other after moving into the same “short-term” apartment complex outside of Hollywood, is like Melrose Place meets Sex & The City. But for guys! Get it? Awesome, bro. But for viewers who never get tired of seeing Tony Shaloub doing anything – especially making cheesy Asian jokes – this is some seriously grade-A entertainment.

If You Are a Simple-Minded Twit, Watch Dads

Hey, we love Seth MacFarlane as much as the next guy. But we have no idea why he would back this middling and predictable comedy about two 30-something dudes whose dads move in with them. The show, which has been panned by virtually every critic, is about as inspired as its title – “Oh, let’s call it ‘Dads!’ That kind of kooky name will grab everyone’s attention, right?” If you still can’t get over the cancelation of $#*! My Dad Says, then congratulations, this is your replacement.