There’s Nothing Like Mountain Dew In The Morning

The soda announces it’s new (slightly terrifying) breakfast beverage.

The soda announces it’s new (slightly terrifying) breakfast beverage.

After you’ve had your morning bagel, do you ever wish there was something besides coffee, tea, or juice to wash it down with? Well you’re not alone. Thanks to some extensive research by PepsiCo, we nowk now there’s an entire sector of people who feel like there’s something missing from the lineup of traditional breakfast beverages—specifically, soda. (No word on whether this “extensive research” subsisted of polling 11-year-old boys exclusively.) Well, the good folks at Mountain Dew are here to fill that void with a “sparkling juice beverage” called Kickstart.

Kickstart is not soda per se, but it also isn’t really anything else. With just 92 milligrams of caffeine (that’s over 200 less than an average cup of coffee) it can’t be labeled as an energy drink, despite the fact that its two flavors are called “Energizing Orange Citrus” and “Energizing Fruit Punch.” We do know that it’s made with 5% juice and Vitamins B and C. The other 95% we’re not sure about, but if it tastes anything like the original, it’s got to be fluorescent and delicious.

Kickstart hits stores on February 25th. Just be careful not to confuse it with the more terrifying-looking concoction “Mountain Dew AM,” on Taco Bell’s breakfast menu. That’s just Mountain Dew mixed with Tropicana Orange Juice. Gross.

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