There’s A Summer TV Show For That

As our favorite regular season programs draw to a close, a whole new crop of shows is here to replace them.

A lot of our favorite TV shows are coming to the end of their seasons (miss you already, Walking Dead!), but luckily there are a few new shows on the docket to help fill the void. At the very least these will help tide you over until the fall.

If You Like The Walking Dead, Watch The Leftovers (June 29, HBO)

The end of the world always makes for an exciting drama. Although there don’t appear to be zombies in The Leftovers, the new HBO show from Lost creator Damon Lindelof, there is an impending sense of doom. The show follows a group of people left behind in a suburban community after the rapture (which may or may not be the actual religious rapture). It looks dramatic and moderately terrifying, to say the least.

If You Like Elementary, Watch Taxi Brooklyn (June 25, NBC)

Are you a fan of unlikely crime-solving duos? Taxi Brooklyn, based on director Luc Besson’s film Taxi, features a New York police detective who teams up with a French-born cab driver to solve cases. We’re not saying they’ll have Holmes and Watson’s chemistry, but it’s worth a look. Bonus: Taken 2 director Olivier Megaton is among the series’ directors.

If You Like Almost Human, Watch Extant (July 9, CBS)

Very little is known about Extant, produced by Steven Spielberg, but CBS has summed up the show’s story as being about a female astronaut (Halle Berry) who returns home from space and has experiences that ultimately change the course of human history. Sounds mysterious, futuristic, and exciting. In fact, probably much more so than Almost Human, which didn’t quite get our hearts racing the way we’d hoped.

If You Like The Good Wife, Watch Reckless (June 29, CBS)

Love legal dramas that are slightly overdramatic? While you’re still mourning The Good Wife’s recent shocking death, check out Reckless, a courtroom drama set in Charleston. CBS has described the plot thusly: “A gorgeous Yankee litigator and a charming Southern attorney must hide their intense mutual attraction as a police sex scandal threatens to tear the city apart” – so you know it’s going to be somewhere between terrible and awesome.

If You Like About a Boy, Watch Seed (July 14, The CW)

If immature men becoming accidental father figures is your thing, check out Seed, a Canadian series picked up by the CW in the States. In the series, a bachelor discovers that his many sperm donations have yielded just as many children, and he finds himself somehow entangled in their lives. We’re guessing it won’t be as charming as About a Boy, which has been surprisingly endearing and funny, but there’s nothing like watching an ill-equipped dude stumble his way into fatherhood.

If You Like Scandal, Watch Rush (July 17, USA)

Nothing can replace the insane antics of Scandal, but this new drama about a “renegade” and “hard-partying” doctor who is known as a medical fixer may ease the missing. The series stars Tom Ellis as the doctor, who privately caters to LA’s elite, fixing their problems much in the way Olivia Pope fixes the ills of Washington. We can’t promise torture or death or a main character who is the president, but knowing LA, something insane will probably happen.

Photos by Photo: Gene Page / AMC & Paul Schiraldi / HBO