Things Are Still Crazy In Women’s Prison

In the third season of Orange is the New Black, sex, betrayal and violence are all very much on the mess hall table.

Last season of Jenji Kohan’s scintillating, Sapphic, hijinks-heavy comedy/melodrama ended with the violent death of Litchfield prison’s villain with a capital Vee, the return of Laura Prepon’s bespectacled Alex, and the permanent exit of Piper’s milquetoast husband, so one might reasonably think season three would portray nothing but peace, racial harmony and spooning in the bunks. And, at first, that’s what we see: a cleaner prison, a rejuvenated Red, and Boo in lipstick and a bob. Then, we’re introduced to knife fighting in the kitchen, snappy threats, and a confiscated journal of human-alien pornography. So, things are pretty much back to normal. 

Photos by Netflix