Watch Thomas the Tank Engine, Destroyer of Worlds, Bring Chaos to ‘Fallout 4’

Look about my engine, ye Mighty, and despair!

I don’t care what anyone says: Thomas the Tank Engine is creepy. Those soulless, dead eyes, the bizarre adult fan base, and that smile? It’s the stuff of nightmares. 

Perhaps that’s why Thomas works so well in Fallout 4. In this very special mod by trainwiz, you can replace a whole bunch of items in your Fallout 4 game with this giant, terrifying engine so you can either laugh your ass off — or cower in fear.

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With this mod, you too can hear a soul-shattering “toot, toot!” battlecry as Thomas plows through the Wasteland after you. After a while, it’s tough to discern where Fallout 4 ends and Thomas begins. It’s brutal.

Modder trainwiz was also responsible for the intriguing Skyrim mod featuring everyone’s favorite tank engine, so if this isn’t enough creepiness for you, pick it up  maximum train-age. Oh, but just don’t expect to look at your beloved Thomas the same way again.