Three Female Con Artists Scammed ISIS Out of Money

Now that’s one episode of Catfish we’d like to see. 

We’ve all had that one friend who tries to crowdrise her latest yoga vacation, provoking eye-rolls from everyone who sees her GoFundMe up on Facebook. These three Chechen women opted to go a different route to secure travel money: hitting up ISIS.

According to RT News and Lifenews (two Russian news sources), the young women began communicating with ISIS on social media—unsurprising as the group is active on social media, often using platforms like Twitter to recruit members and find wives. They claimed that they wanted to travel to Syria, prompting ISIS members to electronically transfer them money. Once they had the cash, they’d delete their existing social media accounts, open new ones, and do the whole thing over again.

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They managed to swindle about $3,300 until they were caught by Chechen police unit E, which specializes in online monitoring. Talk about one hell of a Catfish episode.

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