Three Ingredient Cocktails

You don’t need a degree in mixology or a laundry list of add-ins to make a great cocktail

You don’t need a degree in mixology or a laundry list of add-ins to make a great cocktail—just a bit of booze and some stuff that’s easy to buy or possibly hiding in your fridge behind that odor-packed box of baking soda.

Southern Shandy

9 parts beer (nothing too dark!)8 parts lemonade

1 part peach brandy

With built-in bubbles and lemonade, this beer-based shandy is basically a MacGyver version of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Toss all the mixin’s together and give it a stir (shaking beer is a bad idea).


2 parts tequila

½ part lime juice

Grapefruit soda to taste

Move over, margarita— a paloma tames tequila without sending you into a diabetic coma.

Gin Rickey

2 oz. gin

Fresh lime juice to taste

Club soda to top it off

Pour the gin and juice (like Snoop!) over some ice, spritz in some seltzer, and stir.

Rob Roy

2 parts scotch

1 part Italian

Sweet Vermouth

Dash of bitters

So what if it’s just a Manhattan with scotch? The Rob Roy is about as simple (and satisfying) as it gets. Just stir the ingredients with ice before straining this sucker into a chilled cocktail glass.


2 parts cognac or brandy

1 part Cointreau

½ part fresh lemon juice

The secret of the sidecar: It’s probably the sweetest drink a man can reasonably get away with ordering in public. Shake the stuff with ice, then strain it into a chilled cocktail glass with a sugared rim. Then book a dental appointment.

Brown Derby

2 parts bourbon

1 part grapefruit juice

½ part honey

This 1930s Hollywood classic brings you back to a time when Prussia was a thing and syphilis was a death sentence.

Vodka Gimlet

2 parts vodka

1 part Rose’s lime juice

1 lime wedge

If you don’t have Rose’s sweetened lime juice, just add a teaspoon of powdered sugar to the fresh stuff.

Black Stripe

1 part dark rum

1½ parts hot water

Honey or molasses to taste

Rum ain’t just for beach season. Pour the dark rum and a bit of sweetener into a glass, fill ’er up with hot water, and give it a good stir. Toss in a cinnamon stick to next-level this belly-warming bad boy.