Three-Legged Alligator On The Fairway Makes Golf More Exciting

The water hazard just got a whole lot more hazardous.

The water hazard just got a whole lot more hazardous. 

Never seen a three-legged alligator saunter across the fairway at the Zurich Classic like he owns the place? Well, today is your lucky day.

Yahoo! Sports spotted quite the bizarre image from the tournament going down atTPC Louisiana in Avondale, and it had nothing to do with Rickie Fowler’s attire.

As you can see, a three-legged alligator gets loose from a nearby pond and makes his way toward bystanders, who seem to be way cooler than I would be in a similar situation.

I don’t care if the gator is missing a limb; he is still terrifying, even on this here computer screen. The moment that one of these pops up on the course is the moment that I hit the clubhouse for the rest of the day, drinking Arnold Palmers with my feet up.

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