Throwback Thursday: April 1998

Check out what we were up to in April of ’98. Don’t worry, we’ll leave out our middle school class picture.

Every week, we send someone stumbling into the dark Maxim archives to see what we were up to way back when. This week we’re going back to April of ’98, when vampires couldn’t compare with aliens, beepers were all the rage, and all men were trying to live life to the EXTREEEEME.

Cover Girl: Natasha Henstridge

Where You’ve Seen Her: At the time, Natasha was playing a killer alien in the sci-fi thriller Species II. With short blonde hair, green doe-eyes, and her constant nudity throughout the film, it was hard not to love her, even if she did have a bad habit of puncturing men’s skulls with her tongue.

Where She Is Now: She’s still a total babe. While she’s about to conquer the big 4-0, Natasha still manages to keep the same appeal as she did when she stripped down on the big screen in the ’90s. Although she’s kept her acting career alive and kicking, making various appearances on TV shows like CSI:Miami, The Secret Circle, and Drop Dead Diva, to us she’ll always be that sex-crazed alien that brought extra terrestrial to a whole other level.


Leave it to Beeper

Hard as it is to believe now, beepers were still huge in the late ’90s. Now, of course, this entire article may as well have been from the stone age, but that didn’t stop us getting very excited at the time about finding the “chicest” beeper out there (isn’t that an oxymoron?) Looking back, the best part about this piece is the tagline:

“Miss a phone call and what happens? Your girlfriend dumps you; you lose the million dollar stock tip; your patient croaks. To keep such bad luck at bay, call on the best of the new beepers.”

…yeah. This was apparently written in a time when people could actually afford to go to medical school (or, y’know, have a girlfriend). And as for that “milliion dollar stock tip”? We’re betting it’s been a while since anybody got one of those.

The New Bachelor Party

What is the new bachelor party, you ask? Well, since this was the 90s, something totally freakin’ EXTREEEEME, of course! Why would you want to get a boring lap dance on your last day of bachelorhood when you could skydive with a golden alligator attached to your back? Or white water raft on top of that camel you hauled back from Uganda to Colorado yourself? If you’re not going to go EXTREEEEEME, you’re not worthy of the ’90s…or neon patterned jog suits. To the max, brah!

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