Throwback Thursday: April 2003

Check out what we were up to in April of ’03. Don’t worry, we’ll leave out our middle school class picture.

Every week, we send someone stumbling into the dark Maxim archives to see what we were up to way back when. This week we’re going back to April 2003, when the sexy Sarah Wynter was on 24, we were desperately trying to stay awake, and we were forced to sit through endless showings of crappy chick flicks. 

Cover Girl: Sarah Wynter

Where You’ve Seen Her: In ’03 Sarah Wynter was all over primetime thanks to the hit show 24, in which she played Kate Warner, Jack Bauer’s love interest. As with almost everyone on that show, she didn’t last long, but we also had the good fortune to see her playing alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in The 6th Day and Anthony Michael Hall in Stephen King’s Dead Zone.

Where She Is Now: Sarah’s made several notable appearances since her stint on 24, but hasn’t had many ongoing roles. In addition to stints on White Collar, Army Wives, and Flight of the Concords, the actress recently reentered our lives with a recurring role as Atticus’ wife on Californication. We hope to see her in our living rooms again soon. (That sounded way creepier than we intended…)


Chick Flick Survival Guide

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been dragged to hundreds of “chick flicks” over the years. While some men have probably secretly enjoyed stuff like How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, when it comes to most of these romantic flicks, we just can’t relate. Neither could our predecessors. In ’03 our editors were trying to make Blockbuster night more bearable by emphasizing the hotness of the leading ladies (particularly during sex scenes) in movies like Shakespeare in Love and Pretty Woman. While that tactic may have helped to ease our pain in those simpler times, we’re not sure that would make it any easier for us to watch more contemporary drivel like He’s Just Not That Into You or Twilight. But thanks for trying.

You Snooze, You Lose

These days when we’re tired at work, we just fall headfirst into our keyboard and take a nap. But back in ’03, we tried every bizarre concoction out there to keep us sitting upright. Between sketchy pills, a zapping metal thing reminiscent of CIA torture devices, and a “mysterious” powder you could probably find at a rave, we’re glad we have enough sense in 2013 to stick to daytime desk naps.

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