Throwback Thursday: December 1998

Check out what we were up to in December of ’98. Don’t worry, we’ll leave out our middle school class picture.

Every week, we send someone stumbling into the dark Maxim archives to see what we were up to way back when. This week we’re going back toDecember of 1998 when we wished Yasmine Bleeth never stepped out of that red one-piece, Nell McAndrew was the real Lara Croft, and Monica’s little blue dress was still on the mind.

Cover Girl: Yasmine Bleeth

Where You’ve Seen Her: Yasmine first caught our eye on the small screen, bounding across our daytime television lineup in that signature, red one-piece bathing suit on Baywatch. After four years of running in glorious, glorious slow motion, Yasmine moved on to the TV series Nash Bridges for two long, swimsuit-less years. Revolving around a San Francisco cop and his irritating partner, the gorgeous brunette played an internal affairs cop, leaving men everywhere dying for a thorough internal investigation.

Where She Is Now: Soon after the television show ended, Yasmine took herself out of the spotlight, but is heading back to the big screen sometime next year in the horror flick Beautiful Evil. Until then, we’ll be reacquainting ourselves with Baywatch in all its slow-motioned glory.


All The President’s Gals

There have been plenty of White House scandals, but Monica Lewinsky’s stained blue dress managed to overshadow almost everything that came before (we said almost – sorry, Dicky) and become the center of attention in 1998. We’re sure we don’t have to go over the details – everyone’s still doing “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” impersonations, and finding ever more intriguing places to store their cigars – but the short version is: Bill Clinton got a blowjob and everyone lost their frickin’ minds. We’re still not sure why Lewinsky didn’t just claim to have never inhaled…

Tomb Tomato

Before Angelina Jolie brought the Indiana-Jones-With-Boobs videogame character of Lara Croft to life on the big screen in Tomb Raider, there was Nell McAndrew. A British model, Nell promoted the games as Lara for over a year, filling out the costume in a way those pixels had never quite managed up to that point. She was eventually fired for posing nude in Playboy, which still seems weird to us – wasn’t Lara supposed to be the adventurous type?

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