Throwback Thursday: January 2001 – Laura Prepon

Check out what we were up to in January of ’01. Don’t worry, we’ll leave out our middle school class picture.

Every week, we send someone stumbling into the dark Maxim archives to see what we were up to way back when. This week we’re going back to January of 2001, when Laura Prepon was a ’70s dream, we donned man Uggs, and Seth Green was best known as the voice of Chris Griffin.

Cover Girl: Laura Prepon

Where You’ve Seen Her: You know what they say about redheads…ok fine, we don’t actually know what they say about redheads, but what we do know is that Laura Prepon is giving gingers a good name. As one of the stars on That ’70s Show, Laura was the sole reason we grew nostalgic over an era that was technically before our time (and we still hold her responsible for that bell-bottom phase we had in the mid-’90s). She’s also the only reason we know who Wilmer Valderrama is. So, Wilmer, you owe her.

Where She Is Now: Laura recently traded in her psychedelic digs for an orange jumpsuit, playing the drug-wheeling convict Alex Vause in Netflix’s hit show, Orange is the New Black. It was recently announced that the 33-year-old would be coming back to the women’s prison for a second season, making viewers (especially us) particularly stoked. Who knew women’s prisons could be so awesome?


Maxim Wear: Last Resort

When our predecessors shot this fashion spread back in ’01, we’re betting they – along with the tool population of the world – thought those fuzzy, slipper-like boots were the shit. Don’t get us wrong, we like a good lamb every now and then – preferably grilled with mashed potatoes – but these days we’re not interested in leaving home (aka, our parents’ basement) with our toes snuggled into Dolly’s extra-long hair. Thanks anyway.

Interview: Seth Green

In 2001 we were just starting to get into Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane’s animated series, which luckily overcame cancelation only to become one of the best fucking shows on TV. As the voice of Chris Griffin, the family’s teenage son, Seth Green was one of the many reasons we couldn’t stop laughing. Now, more than a decade later, we can still find the hilarious actor exactly where we left him: drowning in adolescent misfortunes under the Griffin household. Never mess with a good thing.

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