Throwback Thursday: July/August 1998

Check out what we were up to in the summer of ’98. Don’t worry, we’ll leave out our middle school class picture.

Every week, we send someone stumbling into the dark Maxim archives to see what we were up to way back when. This week we’re going back to the summer of 1998, before Catherine Zeta Jones was into old guys, rock n’ roll was alive and kicking, and we really loved rollerblading.

Cover Girl: Catherine Zeta Jones

Where You’ve Seen Her: In the late ’90s we were formally introduced to Catherine Zeta Jones as Elena Montero, the feisty daughter of the original Zorro, in The Mask Of Zorro. With gorgeous dark features and a spot-on Spanish accent, the Welsh actress became a global sex-symbol overnight. But it wasn’t until Antonio Banderez sliced up her white dress with his sweet ass sword that we realized her full potential.

Where She Is Now: After her appearance in the swashbuckling classic, Catherine’s career took off, landing coveted roles in flicks like Ocean’s Twelve, Chicago, High Fidelity, and The Haunting. Most recently she’s starred alongside Mark Wahlberg and Natalie Martinez in Broken City, looking just as good as she did when she graced our pages. Unfortunately, shortly after her Maxim interview took place, Catherine met her husband Michael Douglas, taking her off the market and practically ruining our lives (because clearly we had a chance). But we can still dream about a possible separation, right?


Music Review

With teen pop stars and whiny country singers infesting the airwaves, it’s nice to remember a time when people could get a record deal without first appearing on a reality TV show. Covering reviews of Smashing Pumpkins, Barenaked Ladies, Brian Wilson, and Beastie Boys, we outwardly envy our predecessors for living through a better music scene (and getting the perks of doing so).

Toy Chest

The 90s were a weird time – a time when “extreme” meant dressing in pink and yellow spandex, and the Spice Girls seemed like a good idea. It was also a time when walking was for, like, nerds, man, and if you didn’t have wheels strapped to your legs in some way, you may as well have been dead. So what if stopping quickly on rollerblades meant flinging your body onto a grassy – and often times gravely – nearby space, resulting in mild concussions and gashes the size of Texas? It was totally gnarly! And stuff! We can’t honestly recall having as much enthusiasm towards office chairs that emit music from your groin, though. The only toy chest that thing belongs in is a stripper’s.

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