Throwback Thursday: March 2007

Check out what we were up to in March of ’07. Don’t worry, we’ll leave out our middle school class picture.

Every week, we send someone stumbling into the dark Maxim archives to see what we were up to way back when. This week we’re going back to March of 2007, when Christina was entering her Dirrty phase, Pete Wentz was the king of the Emos, and Yunjin Kim was the hottest thing to be found on a deserted island.

Cover Girl: Christina Aguilera

Where You’ve Seen Her: In 1999 the world was introduced to Christina Aguilera: a 19-year-old blonde singer looking to be rubbed the right way. Sounded good to us! Clearly ditching the innocent school girl vibe popular among her fellow pop stars, Christina strayed even further from her singing competitors when she dropped her second major album, Stripped, introducing a much dirtier version of pop music. Complete with pseudo-dreads, leather assless chaps, and lots of sweat, she also started going by “XTina,” to really get her point across. By her second Maxim cover – the first of which was deemed the all-time best-selling issue at the time of publication – Xtina reeled herself back in with her third album Back to Basics. Either way, we still like to think about her in that boxing ring.

Where She Is Now: Since ’07 Christina has mostly traded in her wild persona for motherhood and a TV career, with a judging gig on the hit singing competition show The Voice. After her seventh studio album Lotus dropped in late 2012, the singer confirmed that she would be returning to the NBC show for its fifth season. We suddenly have a dire urge to watch primetime reality TV…


Get This Look: Pete Wentz

It pains us to admit that there was a time in our lives when we donned obscenely tight skater jeans and hid our long hair under a ragged hoody, but it’s also impossible to deny when it’s memorialized in fucking print. Fall Out Boy bassist and leader of the Emo world Pete Wentz showed us the world of girl jeans and Clandestine during the height of his musical career. Since then he’s managed to procreate with (and split from) Ashlee Simpson, and bring his dying band back to life. Unfortunately, the nut-hugging jeans are still around, too.

Midnight Sun

In 2007 we were consumed by Lost, the weirdest, most addictive show on television at the time. The show is still pretty fresh in our minds, as is the fact that we ultimately wasted our precious time dissecting every scene for NOTHING (we’re not bitter or anything). Despite the disappointing ending, there was a saving grace: Korean beauty Yunjin Kim. Playing Sun Kwon, a subservient wife hiding her secrets (and a pregnancy), Yunjin can still be found on primetime with her new steamy role on Mistresses. Between her and co-star Alyssa Milano, we know what we’ll be watching this summer.

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