Throwback Thursday: May 1998 – Donna D’Errico

Check out what we were up to in May of ’98. Don’t worry, we’ll leave out our middle school class picture.

Every week, we send someone stumbling into the dark Maxim archives to see what we were up to way back when. This week we’re going back to May of ’98, when all we cared about was Baywatch, AOL was still a prominent part of our lives, and Marilyn Manson’s ribs were reportedly intact. 

Cover Girl: Donna D’Errico

Where You’ve Seen Her: If you were alive in the ’90s you were watching Baywatch, and if you weren’t, you were missing out on some of the hottest girls TV had ever seen. Introducing the world to babes like Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, and David Hasselhoff (wait a second…), we still find ourselves fantasizing about those red suits every time we go to the beach. But it was midway through the first season that Playboy Playmate Donna D’Errico was inducted into the cast as Donna Marco, an aspiring lifeguard and owner of the nightclub, Nights. We didn’t think this show could’ve gotten any better, but alas, we were wrong in the best possible way.

Where She Is Now: Since her stint on Baywatch, Donna has had various cameos in movies and TV shows, including Reno 911! and Austin Powers in Goldmember. While it looks like she took a break from acting – she hasn’t taken any roles since 2010 – we’re hoping for a comeback. And if it has to be in that red one-piece, so be it.


How To Dump AOL

Back in ’98, when our computers were 75 pounds heavier and we spent our days on AIM, the indecipherable sounds that came through our speakers while logging on to AOL was music to our ears. So who would have thought that more than a decade later, AOL would be mostly an antiquated relic? As much as we loved hearing “You’ve got mail” after a 20-minute dial-up process, we love seeing our Gmail inbox even more. 

The Sin Remains The Same

When it comes to Marilyn Manson, the shock scale is sliding. Between rumors that he had his own ribs removed to enhance his self-pleasuring abilities and becoming an ordained priest for the church of Satan, he can’t really surprise us. But with recent news of the singer joining the Once Upon A Time cast, we find ourselves freaked out once again. So…congratulations?

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