Throwback Thursday: November 1999

Check out what we were up to in November of ’99. Don’t worry, we’ll leave out our middle school class picture.

Every week, we send someone stumbling into the dark Maxim archives to see what we were up to way back when. This week we’re going back to November of ’99, when Jennifer Love Hewitt graced our cover for the first time, we lived in a world without iPods, and Pierce Brosnan was still James Bond.

Cover Girl: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Where You’ve Seen Her: After a stint of childhood stardom, Jennifer Love Hewitt came back into our lives all grown-up and looking insanely hot. With a wholesome girl-next-door attitude and a body that could stop traffic, it’s no wonder Jennifer was the quintessential starlet of the ’90s. When this issue hit stands in 1999, we were watching the Texan beauty’s last stand on Party of Five, her gratuitously skin-tight tops in I Know What You Did Last Summer, and her take on the glorified popular high school girl in Can’t Hardly Wait. As hotness goes, it was a really good year for us. 

Where She Is Now: Jennifer has managed to defy the odds and improve with age, and has appeared on the cover of Maxim twice since her ’99 debut. We’re clearly in awe of the Texas bombshell, and it’s pretty obvious you are too; Jennifer’s 2012 cover was the winner of our Sweet 16 competition, making her the sexiest Maxim cover girl of all time. After a series of small-screen appearances in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Hot in Cleveland, she’s back to working on her own show, The Client List, about a single suburban mom who works as a masseuse specializing in happy endings. We would do pretty much anything to visit that massage parlor. 


Sonic Doom

In the ’90s we unknowingly had to settle for large, weird “audio players,” since Apple had not yet come to dominate the world. When we first re-read this article, we could barely remember what the fuck a CD was, let alone identify all these weird clunky devices. But then we remembered how much we loved these adorably “state of the art” players back then, and it kinda warmed our hearts. After that, we turned up our iPods, skimmed through our iPhone messages, downloaded some new tracks on iTunes, and went back to mocking our former selves.

The World Is Not Enough

We can all unanimously agree that James Bond is the man. Not only does he get every hot girl in the world – have you seen Bérénice Marlohe?! – but there’s also the insane gadget collection. Everyone has an opinion about which of the six actors to take on the role did it best. When we wrote this article about the then-new film, we were pretty impressed with Brosnan’s Bond chops, though in retrospect, the only thing that made The World is Not Enough watchable was Denise Richards and her incredible wardrobe. Sure, playing a nuclear physicist seems a little outside of her wheelhouse, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

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