Throwback Thursday: October 2000

Check out what we were up to in October of 2000. Don’t worry, we’ll leave out our middle school class picture.

Every week, we send someone stumbling into the dark Maxim archives to see what we were up to way back when. This week we’re going back to October of 2000, when Jessica Alba was still single and childless, Charlie Sheen was half-normal, and weed was entirely off-limits. 

Cover Girl: Jessica Alba

Where You’ve Seen Her: Back in 2000 Jessica Alba was the gorgeous actress that made primetime TV more intriguing, and a whole lot sexier. Thanks to James Cameron, we were first introduced to Jessica at the age of 19 when she played a genetically enhanced super warrior in Dark Angel, and we still owe him. Around the same time she could also be found playing the token hot high school chick alongside Drew Barrymore (Never Been Kissed), a sultry hip hop dancer (Honey), and a kidnapped fashion model (Paranoid), all of which was just fine by us.

Where She Is Now: Jessica may be matrimonially attached and have a small collection of spawn, but she’s still unbelievably hot. Since 2000 she’s kept her career alive and kicking, making appearances alongside Ben Stiller (Little Fockers), Dane Cook (Good Luck Chuck), Kate Hudson (The Killer Inside Me), and tons of awesome superheroes (Fantastic Four). This year we’re looking forward to watching her play an exotic dancer who associates herself with some pretty heavy shooters (Sin City: A Dame To Kill For), a U.S. Immigrations Agent (Machete Kills), a little blue alien cartoon thing (Escape From Planet Earth), and the hilarious product of divorced parents (A.C.O.D.). We love a woman of many hats.


An Interview with Charlie Sheen

It’s pretty hard to forget about Charlie Sheen since he’s constantly in the press for his wild antics, however despite his infamous reputation we can all agree he’s still winning regardless of what anyone says. But when we sat down for an interview with the notorious actor 13 years ago, he was winning in a much different way: as a rather successful actor rather than a can’t-look-away human car crash. Discussing his replacement of Michael J. Fox on Spin City, his 12-step state of mind, and how he doesn’t like cheerleaders that much, the talk surprisingly didn’t foreshadow his insane, drug-induced, 2AM police visit. And that photo of him dressed as a priest is absolutely perfect.

What If…Marijuana Were Legal?

Back in 2000 we had to stash our paraphernalia under our mattresses and head out to the woods to smoke a doobie, but now we can just fly to Colorado and lay out on the grass while smoking grass. Not to mention that photo of the now-deceased Twinkie really hit us where it hurts: our longing, ravenous stomachs.

Throwback Thursday: June 1999

Girls Getting Out of Pools