Throwback Thursday: Sept/Oct 1997

Check out what we were up to in the fall of ’97. Don’t worry, we’ll leave out our middle school class picture.

Every week, we send someone stumbling into the dark Maxim archives to see what we were up to way back when. This week we’re going back to our 1997 September/October double issue, when Baywatch was huge, there were no DVRs, and cargo pants were considered acceptable.

Cover Girl: Carmen Electra

Where You’ve Seen Her: When Carmen Electra heated up our cover, she was practically a one-woman show: actress, singer, dancer, and model. Best known for sporting that skin-tight red bathing suit while running on the beach alongside Pamela Anderson in Baywatch, this beauty also gained singing exposure thanks to her friend Prince (or, as he preferred to be known in the ’90s, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. Riiiiight.). But it was her initial debut as Jenny McCarthy‘s co-host on the MTV dating show Singled Out that brought her into the mainstream entertainment world, giving adolescent boys everywhere relieve some of their, um, frustration.

Where She Is Now: Although she’s about to turn 40-years-old, Carmen Electra has hardly aged since she graced our pages. She’s kept her career alive with consistent acting roles, most recently starring in spoof flicks Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans, but we’re partial to her exercise video series, Aerobic Striptease. We’re seeing a difference already!


Pocket The Difference

Fortunately, men’s fashion has come a long way since 1997, but revisiting this guide to multi-pocketed cargo pants was still rather painful. The last time we saw these babies we were stealing booze from our parents’ liquor cabinet and stashing our copies of Maxim under our mattresses. We pray this look never makes a comeback—despite the article’s encouraging tagline:

“Hold everything! Military-inspired, this fall’s new cargo pants pack in style—and all your other crap.”

Cargo pants have since given way to skinny jeans; here’s hoping that in another 16 years we will have found some middle-ground.

Dish It Up

It’s hard to imagine life without our DVRs and On Demand movie channels – let alone having to climb up on the roof to get a proper TV signal—but apparently satellites were a ’90s must-have if you wanted to catch anything other than cheesy daytime talk shows. While the tagline boasts that buying a dish will give you a whopping 200 channels at your finger tips (no shit!), it’s a direct line from the article that really got us:

“Although gearing up for a satellite TV may sound tricky – like VCR programming and an astronomy test rolled into one – it’s actually never been easier, or worthwhile.”

What the fuck is a VCR?

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