Is This Mind-Blowing Thumb Trick Too Good to Be True?

Major thumbs up to this kid.
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It's that old trick you recognize from grade school: some clever kid bends his thumbs to make it look like he's pulling one off for real.

At this point, hopefully, we all kinda know how it works. But some impossibly dexterous YouTuber with too much time on his hands just upped the ante for pranksters for generations to come.

In addition to the classic thumb trick, this kid performs similar sleights of hand... but on all five digits. It's the finale of his video, where he ineffably creates the illusion he is yanking off his pinky finger, that defies all logic.

The Internet, for one, is stumped.

"The last part was clearly CGI," wrote one YouTuber. Another claimed he "reported" the video for "witchcraft and heresy."

One Redditer claims to have put his finger on how the trick was pulled off.

"Pause before and after the quick flick," Dmytro Zuyenko wrote. "During the motion, he hides his right pinky behind his ring finger and on his left hand, he jutted his middle finger from behind his pointer finger so the tip looked like his 'separated' right pinky."

Just, for the love of God, no one tell him about the nose trick.

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