Tim Allen Suggested That Humans Didn’t Evolve From Apes, And Now Twitter Is Making a Monkey Out of Him

Sweet irony.

Tim Allen and a chimp
Twitter and Wikimedia

Tim Allen is a noted comedy star and convicted cocaine dealer. He is not necessarily a science pundit—if there is such a thing. So really, the last thing anyone should care about is Tim Allen’s take on evolution.

We got it anyway, in a tweet Allen posted early Wednesday. The famously conservative comedian was essentially repeating a question asked and answered repeatedly through the years by those who deny evolution occurred. 

Twitter had answers, of course.



Science keeps answering Allen’s question as well. Scientific American made a decent stab at it in 2015 with graphics like this.

Monkey infographic
Scientific American

Tim Allen has yet to respond to any replies to his question, leading us to believe it was rhetorical. 

There’s no great way to sum up the story of Tim Allen’s question about apes. Save to say that maybe he should stick to comedy. Eloquence in questioning science or making any kind of non-comedic statement in general may not be his long suit.