Tim Burton Is Getting Winona Ryder and the Beetlejuice Crew Back Together

The nineties it-girl is returning to the role that found her a place in the hearts of teenage boys everywhere. 

Following months of speculation, Tim Burton has confirmed that Winona Ryder will be returning for the sequel to Beetlejuice. She joins the cast along with Michael Keaton (fresh off his outstanding performance in Birdman), as Burton tries to put the old team back together for another trip to the strange intersection of our world and the hereafter. 

“Oh yeah,” Burton said, after being asked by MTV News if Ryder was going to be returning for the sequel, which doesn’t even have a script yet. “Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah.”

Burton, who is promoting his new film Big Eyes, has already been in touch with Beetlejuice himself, and Keaton is all in for the sequel. Without a script, it will be tough to cast the rest of the film, but can we expect to see Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Catherine O’Hara, and the rest of the original cast return as well? And what kind of sequel would actually live up to the brilliance of the original? Burton’s last sequel, Batman Returns, was certainly up to par with the original (albeit incredibly strange, there were some rocket-powered penguins if I recall), but that was only three years after the original was released. Good or not, the return of Winona Ryder is welcome news — we could watch her floating and dancing with a ghost football team all day. 

Photos by Justin Lubin / Open Road Films / Everett Collection