Why Tim Tebow Will Probably Get A Major League Baseball Contract

He may not be very good at baseball, but he’s really great at getting attention.

Tim Tebow’s workout for a cadre of Major League scouts Tuesday was, for him, a pretty big success. The 29-year-old NFL flameout showed raw power, average speed, a slightly below average arm and an inability to do much against live pitching. 

Doesn’t sound like a glowing report, but considering his absence from baseball for more than a decade, it’s not bad. 


During his showcase Tebow looked like an athlete, not a baseball player. There were a lot of problems with the finer points of his game, and yet, you shouldn’t be surprised if you hear about the former Heisman winner signing with a MLB team in the coming weeks. 

His power at the plate could very well tantalize a curious GM. But more than that, his power to grab headlines may be what truly lands him a contract. 

Look at that crowd of scouts. They were there because of Tebow’s name, not becuase they thought he was going to be Bo Jackson. Fans would respond in the same way. Only with more fervor, especially if Tebow is signed by a team in a part of the country where he is still a legend. Somewhere like Georgia. 

“In talking to some people around the game, they think the Atlanta Braves might be the best fit,” ” ESPN’s Pedro Gomez said Tuesday. “A lot of that has to do with the fact that he played football at Florida, which is SEC country. Georgia is not far from Florida and there is a big following for anything to do with football down there. 

“Let’s face it, it’s a business, so if you can sell Tim Tebow jerseys, you can make some money and, therefore, you can spend that money within your own organization on player development.

Tebow is not a baseball player, he’s a mascot. And a rebuilding team like the Braves, could very well use a shiny new mascot.