Now Tim Tebow Wants To Be a Major League Baseball Player

Can the failed NFL QB make it in the Majors?

Tim Tebow, who couldn’t cut it in the NFL despite winning the Heisman, setting a host of SEC and NCAA records and getting a chance with four different teams, is now hoping he can make it in Major League Baseball. Good luck!

The former Florida Gator will soon hold an open tryout for MLB teams, which will gather to watch a man who hasn’t played full-time baseball in over a decade. He’s been working on his game though. For the past year Tebow has honed his hitting and fielding, in hopes of recapturing the skills he last used in high school. 

As absurd as this sounds, some baseball people who’ve seen Tebow play with their very own eyes insist  he’s got a chance. Former MLB catcher Chad Moeller pumped up Tebow’s “athleticism and swing.” In a statement, he said, “I truly believe Tim has the skill set and potential to achieve his goal of playing in the Major Leagues, and based on what I have seen over the past two months, it could happen relatively quickly.”

No, it couldn’t. As a MLB scouting director told ESPN, “Eleven years [of not playing baseball], nobody can overcome that.”

Tebow’s agent has cited his stats in his last full-time year as a high school baseball player. He hit an eye-popping .494. But remember—that was high school. And it was more than decade ago. 

The fact that the Angels reportedly wanted to draft him is beyond meaningless. Ever hear of Mark Appel, Bryan Bullington or Matt Anderson? They were all number one picks in the MLB Draft and didn’t make it in the show. The idea that Tebow could, after a decade off, is insulting. This is what Orioles outfielder Adam Jones thinks of this nonsense.

Then again, baseball great Gary Sheffield has a different take. 

If only Major League Baseball played in cages.