Watch the Hilarious First Trailer for 'Time Traveling Bong'

Ilana Glazer is doing what she does best.
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Just in time for everyone's favorite holiday — 4/20 — Broad City's Ilana Glazer and Paul Downs (Abbi's fitness freak boss at Soulstice) are bringing us a three-part miniseries about a time-traveling bong, called Time-Traveling Bong.

The stoner adventure — Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure meets Hot Tub Time Machine — follows two cousins (Glazer and Downs) who literally get sucked into the time-space continuum, by way of their bong, and spit out in different periods of history: Ancient Greece, the Salem witch trials, and a dark future. Broad City writer (and Downs' partner) Lucia Aniello directs. 

Time-Traveling Bong premieres on Comedy Central on April 20, of course.

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