Tina Fey Hosted a Hilarious SNL Season Finale Featuring Musical Guest Nicki Minaj

Also: Who knew Prince William could twerk?

The season finale of Saturday Night Live wasn’t necessarily the best episode of the season but some major guest cameos and a relaxed host in SNL alum Tina Fey made for fun and sharper satire than usual. 

One of the best sketches featured Mikey Day as Prince Harry and Tina Fey as his gross, creepy aunt. You also couldn’t beat the idea of Prince William twerking for pure comedy value if you tried.

It might have been overdue, but a parody of To Catch a Predator featuring Beck Bennett as the pervert and Tina Fey in the Chris Hansen role took the audience behind the scenes and demonstrated how the scenes in the show ended up so TV-friendly. 

The final few seconds of the segment are laugh-out-loud funny.

One of the biggest hits at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was Bishop Michael Curry. An Episcopal priest from Chicago, he gave his frozen-faced English audience a true taste of Sunday in half the churches in America with his entertaining style. Weekend Update added an appearance from Bishop Curry (Kenan Thompson) at the last minute and it may have been the funniest moment in the episode.

Guest appearances included Jerry Seinfeld, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Tracy Morgan—but best of all was Nicki Minaj, who completely owned the stage in two of the most riveting musical performances of the season.


SNL is done for now, we’ve just got edited reruns for the summer. Next fall begins the sketch show’s 44th season. 

Yes, it’s been around that long.