TJ Miller Reveals the Filthy ‘Deadpool’ Jokes That Didn’t Make the Final Cut

And they’re as dirty as you imagine.

While the trailers for Deadpool have teased a smorgasbord of raunchy, explosive, and NSFW antics jammed into the film’s two-hour run time, one of the more memorable scenes involves some pitchy banter between Wade (Ryan Reynolds) and his pal, Weasel (TJ Miller). After Wade reveals his scarred face, the exchange some of the most vulgar insults we’ve ever heard outside a Judd Apatow flick. Frankly, it’s it’s surprising most of them weren’t left on the cutting room floor. 

Apparently, there’s more where that came from. In an interview with IGN, TJ Miller recently revealed what didn’t make it into that scene, despite the fact that Fox actually warned him not to talk about the stuff that was a little more on the “dark and racist” side. 

It’s impossible to imagine what was going through the minds of Miller and Reynolds while they were shooting this scene, but from the sounds of it, the pair were fully committed to go blow-for-blow for the sake of good cinema.

Deadpool hits theaters on February 12th.