Today In Donut News: Krispy Kreme Has 2 New Flavors!

And they’re both coffee!

You’re a busy guy, and the folks at Krispy Kreme can appreciate that. On Monday, they released two new donut flavors, the Mocha Kreme and the Caramel Coffee Kreme. Now you can get all the sugar, fried dough, and caffeine you need in one bite. The Mocha Kreme is filled with chocolate and coffee, covered in mocha icing, more chocolate, and then chocolate icing. The Caramel Coffee Kreme (pictured above) is glazed with caramel and coffee-flavored icing, and then topped with a mocha drizzle and coffee Kreme (aka more frosting) on top. Thanks, Krispy Kreme, for giving the people what they wanted: more coffee and donuts and not some wasabi-crusted, umami-filled, seaweedy, gluten-free chocolate mess.*

*We made up this flavor and will still try it if anyone makes one. 

Beach bodies, here we come!

Photos by Krispy Kreme