Tom Brady Calls His Teammates “Babe” And You Should Too

Brady’s preferred sobriquet is a little strange. 

If you’re smart, you’ve avoided this Deflategae debacle like Bill Belichick avoids sleeves. It’s exhausting and meaningless and a manufactured nontroversy that serves no other purpose than to keep people talking about the NFL in August. That said, we’d like you to briefly wade into the morass with us to take a gander at this email Tom Brady sent his offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, brought to our attention by Boston Globe writer Ben Volin. 

Forget the content. It’s not important. What’s important is that Brady called McDaniels babe, and according to a beat writer, he does this to a lot of guys. “Babe,” it seems, is Brady’s “bro.” And “babe” should become YOUR new “bro,” your new “dude,” or your new “homie,” but let’s all hope you’re not saying homie. Got it, babe?