Tom Brady, Cartoon Cumchugger

South Park gives the NFL just the skewering it deserves.

South Park gives the NFL just the skewering it deserves.

At long last, our long, national replacement ref nightmare is over. . . but not before the South Park dudes got their shots in. Last night’s episode, “Sarcastaball” featured concussion-ravaged vets, a new pussified version of the game that uses a balloon in place of a ball, players wearing bras and tinfoil hats, lots of hugging, and appearances by Peyton Manning, Lamarr Woodley, Jon Gruden, Jeff Goodell and Jim Rome. Our favorite bit, though, is Butters marketing his, um, nocturnal emissions as a new energy drink, Butters’ Creamy Goo, which Tom Brady proceeds to chug down like a cum-hungry porn star:

The show has long poked fun at the sports world, and this episode is right up there with the best. Here are four more of our favorites:

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Up the Down Steroid“, aired March 24, 2004

South Park takes on the steroid era, as Cartman pretends to be retarded so he can participate in the Special Olympics, while his disabled classmate Jimmy juices up and promptly breaks countless Special Olympics record. Ultimately, Jimmy repents, calling steroid users “big fat pussies” as the camera cuts to Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds.

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Eek, a Penis!“, aired April 9, 2008

While pretending to be Latino teacher “Eric Cartminez”, Cartman schools his inner city students on how to cheat, citing Bill Belichick and the Patriots’ Spygate scandal as the ultimate example of a successful cheater. We’ll cosign anything that takes Belichick down a peg.

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Sexual Healing“, aired March 17, 2010

The sex scandals of a wide variety of male celebrities — including Kobe Bryant, Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Jordan — are satirized in this episode, but it’s Tiger Woods who gets the bulk of the grief.

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Stanley’s Cup“, aired November 25, 2010

In this parody of the Mighty Ducks, Stan’s Pee-Wee hockey team takes the ice against the Detroit Red Wings in the final period of a 2-2 game. The Red Wings then proceed to outscore the kids 30-0… and kick the shit out of them.

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