Photographic Evidence That Tom Brady Is a Donald Trump Supporter

It’s hard to deny how much they have in common.

A sports writer’s blurry snap of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady‘s locker seems to confirm that the bromance between New England’s Prince of Foxborough and billionaire Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is real. A writer for Barstool Sports first tweeted the picture Saturday, and the blog claimed credit for sending Brady the red ball cap bearing Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” to the quarterback.

However, there’s a chance it came from Trump’s campaign. Speaking to CNN, Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks noted that it is “well documented that Mr. Trump and Tom have a great friendship and have for many years.”

Speaking to reporters about his distinctive head wear, Brady said:

Why wouldn’t they be bros? The billionaire and the gridiron star have plenty in common—like an affinity for absolutely stunning women and, well, notable hair. Also, Trump has never made any secret of where he stood regarding #Deflategate—firmly with Team Brady.

Team loyalties and politics aside, we admit it—we’d watch a buddy movie starring these guys.

Photos by Donna Connor/WireImage