Tom Brady Endorses Donald Trump for President

These two were made for each other.

It’s a sad day for all right-thinking, well-adjusted New England Patriots fans today—those exist, right?—as their beloved quarterback Tom Brady has admitted what we’ve come to suspect: He supports Donald Trump for president. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise. Sports writers snapped a picture of a Trump hat in Brady’s locker just last week. And the two of them are known friends, who play golf together, discuss creative strategies for combating male pattern baldness and, apparently, dream up ways to further marginalize the working poor. You know, guy stuff.

Turth is, the biggest surprise here is not that Brady supports a wild egomaniac for president—remember, he’s played for one of those for over a decade—but that he admitted it. Brady is the platonic ideal of a boring athlete. He’s made a career out of being a phenomenal quarterback with the face of a movie star and the personality of a goal post. Supporting Donald Trump for president is the most interesting thing Brady’s ever done, so for that he deserves credit. But not much. 

Photos by Donna Connor/WireImage