Tom Cruise Just Announced the Title of the Upcoming Sequel to ‘Top Gun’

Val Kilmer had his own ideas.

Tom Cruise already let it slip during an Australian television interview that Top Gun 2 was happening. From an interview Cruise gave to Access Hollywood, we just learned that it will not, in fact, be titled Top Gun 2

The sequel to Cruise’s high-flying action blockbuster from 1986 will simply be titled, Top Gun: Maverick. Which, okay. Val Kilmer, who is definitely ready to reprise his role as Maverick’s foil, The Iceman, may have come up with a better idea four years ago, before a sequel was confirmed at all.

For fans anxious to know what’s up with the sequel, Cruise indicated it will definitely be in the spirit of the first film, including music from Top Gun‘s original soundtrack composer, Harold Faltermeyer. 

Cruise specified that we’ll once again see “a competition film. . . but a progression for Maverick.” 

Top Gun: Maverick will begin filming within the next year, but that’s about all we know about it other than what the star has said so far. 

We have to admit, even though Hollywood has had a case of sequel fatigue for years, we’re ready to head into the Danger Zone again.

h/t BroBible