Tom Cruise Says He Is Ready to do ‘Top Gun 2’

Come on back, Maverick, we’ve missed you.

Tom Cruise is doing the talk show circuit promoting Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. He was recently on the Graham Norton Show with Reacher co-star Cobie Smulders when Norton brought up the possibility of Cruise revisiting one of the early characters that cemented his rep as an action star: Maverick, the hot dog fighter pilot in Top Gun

Happily, Cruise isn’t averse to slipping back into the cockpit again. “We are discussing it,” he said, regarding the possibility of a Top Gun 2, “We are trying, and if we can figure it out I’d love to do it.”

Cruise went on to tell Norton and the other guests a pretty hilarious story about a flight he took in preparation for the original Top Gun with a fighter ace nicknamed Bozo. It’s a funny and slightly gross story involving a barf bag that makes the video above exceptionally click-worthy.

Meanwhile, whenever Maverick is ready to fly again, we’ll be along for the ride. 

h/t Evening Standard