Tommy Bahama’s Signature Mai Tai

Get Tai’d up in this!

Get Tai’d up in this! 

It’s only Tuesday but it feels like it should already be Saturday. 

Are you tired of wearing ties and going to work in the summer when you should be lying on the beach somewhere?

Us too. 

We can’t really send you on a vacation but we can introduce you to a tie of a different variety… the nice vacay-minded folks at Tommy Bahama gave us the recipe to their signature Mai Tai, making all of our Tuesdays a little more tolerable.


Signature Mai Tai

Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar on 5th Avenue in Manhattan

1 part    Light Rum

1 part    Orgeat syrup

1 part    DeKuyper Orange Curacao

¾ part   Sour mix

¾ part   Pineapple Juice

½ part   Lime Juice

1 part    Dark Rum float

Build in shaker.  Top with shaved ice.  Garnish with an orchid. 

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