Tony Parker Doesn’t Dunk in Cowboy Boots

Find out what the NBA’s classiest dresser has in his closet and how to pull off the season’s coolest looks.

After 12 years in Texas, San Antonio Spurs superstar point guard Tony Parker has three championship rings and zero pairs of cowboy boots. Find out what else the NBA’s classiest dresser has in his closet and how to pull off the season’s coolest looks. It’s our spring fashion preview!,AAABnwxt8sE~,TdyFq09iMr7kioKT_wX2C8w8xLyk5_f2&bctid=2168151257001

Now more than ever it seems like basketball players are the most fashionable guys around. What’s up with that?

That’s true, but I think it started in 2005 when David Stern changed the dress code. When I joined the NBA in 2001, everyone was into the hip-hop style. The players were wearing throwback jerseys, and everything was size XXXL. As soon as the new rule came into place, everybody had to become more fashion-conscious.

Photograph by Tom Corbett

Calvin Klein Collection Cotton suit, $1,950 Calvin Klein Collection store N.Y.C. Joseph Abboud Wool sweater, $225;Express Fitted shirt, $70; Sarar Silk tie, $72; Johnston & Murphy Ellington saddle shoes, $135; Tissot PRC 200 Gent watch, $425 

You think any guys failed in their attempts?

For sure. Tim Duncan is still a bad dresser! He is totally laid-back, and that’s how he likes to dress…But you know, he is the franchise, so I can’t really say anything.

Photograph by Tom Corbett

Plectrum by Ben Sherman Long-sleeve T-shirt, $90; Express Photographer pants, $70; Lacoste Imatra shoes, $76; Tissot Luxury Powermatic 80 chronometer, $1,150 

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Do you think anyone takes it too far? 

Guys like Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade definitely take it to another level with the glasses and crazy colors and prints. I don’t dress as flashy as that, but I think it’s great. They’re having fun, and it lightens up the NBA.

You’ve been playing in Texas for a long time. By law shouldn’t you be walking around with a 10-gallon hat? 

I know I’ve been here for more than a decade, but I have to admit I don’t own any cowboy hats or boots. I’m not really into that cowboy stuff. I would say my style is casual chic, super comfortable but fashionable at the same time. I like to wear a nice pair of jeans with Alexander McQueen T-shirts, leather jackets, or sport coats. 

Photograph by Tom Corbett

Boss Marino-T cotton-linen blazer, $645; Andino shirt, $255; and silk tie, $95; Boss Orange Pintoo cardigan, $85 ; Tissot Tradition Gent watch, $300 

Last season a lot of players tried out beards, with varying degrees of success. How are you with facial hair? 

Well, when we go on the road, our whole team keeps a beard for the entire trip, but as soon as I get home I shave it off! That’s really the extent of it. James Harden has a great beard, but I can’t do it.

Who are your favorite teams in the NBA to face off against?

I love competing, so I enjoy the big challenges. Playing the Lakers is always great since we have a huge rivalry, and facing off against the Maver­icks and Rockets is fun because it’s like a Texas showdown. 

Photograph by Tom Corbett

Canali Blazer, $950; Van Heusen Dress shirt, $45; Tommy Hilfiger Silk tie, $60; Tissot Visodate Heritage watch, $695 

Your father was a basketball player, and your mother was a model. Did you ever feel the urge to go into the fashion industry instead of playing ball?

I think there’s some footage online of me as a four- or five-year-old walking the runway with my mom! That was really it. But now that I’ve been collaborating with Tissot on several watch designs, I think she’s happy that I’m doing a little bit of work in her field.

How do you think those watches would pair with a fourth championship ring? 

That’s a tough question! I’m definitely going to try to get a fourth ring this year, but I couldn’t wear both at the same time. That’s a little too flashy.

Photograph by Tom Corbett

Luigi Bianchi Mantova Blazer, $1,000; Stone Island Shadow Sweater, $360; Scott James Cotton shirt, $115; Boss Stanino3-W linen trousers, $225; Boss Green Tiemo-N leather belt, $135; Tissot PRC 200 chronograph, $550 

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