The Top 10 Signs You’re The Joffrey Baratheon of Your Office

Are you a huge royal jerkface like Game of Thrones’ smug child-king? Find out here!

Game of Thrones Season 4 premiered last night, and in case you didn’t get enough of the smug child-king, we’re going to give you more with this list of signs that you might be the metaphorical Joffrey Baratheon of your workplace. Yikes – for your sake and everyone else’s, we hope you’re not. Good luck! 

10. Your lady co-workers only go out with you because their parents make them, and they think they might get a raise out of it. 

9. Everyone calls you “Your Grace” and “Bossman” but behind your back they call you “The Asshole” and “Boss Dickhead.”

8. Your assistant is a giant ugly man with a giant scar on his face who protects you.

7. Your super-short uncle comes to the office every once in a while and slaps you around for being a little bitch. 

6. You named your stapler “Heart-eater” and plan to staple everyone’s termination papers with it. 

5. You hang out in the executive bathroom all day and make people come in and visit you so you can yell at them from the toilet. 

4. You’re literally the most incompetent person in your workplace, field, and industry. It’s actually a miracle that you even have a job, and it’s comically absurd that you’re the boss. 

3. You call your mean, drunk mom every time you can’t make a decision. But you don’t listen to anything she says.

2. You make your employees fight to the death for your amusement.

1. Whenever you walk by, your co-workers whisper that your parents are actually siblings. So you fire them. You basically work alone now.