The Top 10 Songs to Make You Feel Like It's Summer, Even Though It's Very Much Not

Who cares if it's still freezing? Listen to these and just pretend.
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We're now entering that part of winter where it seems like it could very well never end. Seeing as though a good portion of us have been some degree of cold since November, it seems like things should be warming up by now, but no. We've still got a long ways to go before those jackets stay permanently in the closet, with no fear of being caught by surprise in one of those annoying cold snaps. 

There are ways to fool yourself into thinking it's warmer than it actually is though, aside from the usual combination of an extra sweater and an extra whiskey. We've put together a playlist of songs that, if you let it, will have you yelling "surf's up" — or whatever your personal variation of that particular exaltation may be — in no time.

1) Beach Boys — "Surfin' Safari"

No band, and no song, says "summer forever, no matter what," than the Beach Boys' "Surfin' Safari." It's like you can almost feel the waxy sand stuck between your toes.

2) Demi Lovato — "Cool For the Summer"

Summer is an obviously cool time, though literally not cool at all, temperature-wise. So this is ironically cool. Demi Lovato, as a person, and as a singer, is hot. Words can be used for many things, see?

3) Kid Ink — "Summer in the Winter" (Featuring Omarion)

Kid Ink is from Los Angeles, so he knows about summer in winter better than most. 

4) Beach City — "Beach City" (Featuring Snoop Dogg)

Snoop Dogg's Beach City project is all about paying homage to his favorite stomping grounds, Long Beach. This particular track features LBC female rappers Kola, JLz, Pea McGee, and CStarr and it will get you ready to hit the beach, or hit something else all together. (Not people, more like jazz cigarettes.)

5) Bananarama — "Cruel Summer"

About as classic of a summer song as you can get, albeit kind of a sad one. 

6) Tinashe — "Cold Sweat"

You know that feeling where you go swimming in the ocean for an hour or two and then pee afterwards and your pee feels super warm? This songs reminds me of that for some reason. 

7) Lana Del Rey — "Summertime Sadness"

This is the anthem for all of those super intense relationships that start at the beginning of summer, and end as soon as fall rolls around. 

8) Kool and the Gang — "Too Hot"

Who amongst us hasn't seen their mom wildly dance around the kitchen with a cocktail in her hand, lip-syncing this song?

9) Riff Raff — "Tropical Vacation"

Riff Raff is to summer as Santa Claus is to winter. Think about it.

10) Jimmy Buffet - "Margaritaville"

I mean, duh.

And here's the full playlist, for your leisurely convenience:

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