The Top 15 Songs to Ring in the New Year

Because the sounds of strangers crying, puking, and making kissing sounds is way less fun.
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Photo: Getty Images/John Kobal Foundation

Well, here it is: New Year's Eve. Some of you are probably all set for the night's events with an outfit in mind, booze chilling in the fridge, and a date on lock. Others are perhaps taking the alternate route: slowly scrolling through pizza delivery menus while crying. Both are fine.

Whatever the evening holds in store for you, we thought we'd help you make the most of it by selecting fifteen of the best possible songs to have playing in the background while you cry/puke/kiss/dance or any combo of the above. See ya 2015, you were whatever. 

1) Future (featuring Drake) — “Where Ya At?”

The best part of any New Year's Eve party is that moment when everyone in the room gets immediately wasted at the same time and then starts texting everyone in their phone in a last ditch effort to find someone — anyone — to make out with at midnight. 

2) Wilson Pickett — “In the Midnight Hour”

It's later than you think...

3) R.E.M. — “It’s the End of the World”

Do you ever think about how scary it is to sleep? Our bodies just randomly unplug for upwards of eight hours a night, and then we just wake up like the craziest biological thing didn't just happen? Terrifying. Same goes for one year turning into the next. What if the page never flips? What if we wake up on Friday morning and are stuck in some in-between place forever with no way to go back, or move forward? Who's in charge of time? What makes things just keep going? Listen, no one is promised a 2016. (Screams and falls down.)

4) Journey — “Don't Stop Believin'”

This one goes out to you Chad/Mike/Brad/Patrick/etc.

5) Iggy Pop — “Sister Midnight”

Take your shirt off and nose dive into that crispy Christmas tree that's still up. Live your life.

6) Prince — “1999”

1999 was a long-ass time ago and yet this song is a must-have for any NYE event. It just is. Prince hates for his music to be online anywhere, so the real version of this song is nowhere to be found. Here's the strangest version of it that exists, just for fun.

7) Morrissey — “Kiss Me a Lot”

If you don't have anyone to kiss at the stroke of midnight, just start making out with your hand. Turning a sad moment into a weird moment is a bold and beautiful move. 

8) Beyonce (featuring Jay Z) — “Drunk in Love”

The best way to be.

9) Blondie — “Call Me”

Maybe you should just leave your phone at home.

10) Kanye West — “Runaway”

Here's where you think of everyone who did you wrong in 2015. 

11) Lady Gaga — “Just Dance”

Sweat out that cheap booze before it's too late.

12) The Ramones —“I Wanna Be Sedated”

Speaks for itself.

13) Sleater Kinney — “One More Hour”

Getting closer.

14) Madonna (featuring Justin Timberlake) —“4 Minutes”

And closer ...

15) Jimi Hendrix — “Auld Lang Syne” 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!