The Top 20 Music Videos Featuring Celebrity Cameos

Who doesn’t love a surprise? 

The concept of celebrity is a many layered onion to unpeel. While stars seem to have it all, they’re quick to resent the self-inflicted prison of their own fame and dabble in other creative pursuits to escape it — which only brings about more fame. Since the beginning of talkies, actors have looked up to musicians, and vice versa. Just like every writer wishes they could speak as well as they write, actors wish they could rock out as well as they ham it up on the silver screen. The quickest way from point A to point B in this regard is to make cameos in music videos, which they do, a lot. Here are 20 of our favorites. 

1) Slow Club — “Beginners” (featuring Daniel Radcliffe)

Daniel Radcliffe will be fighting off his Harry Potter shadow for the rest of his life. Raise your hand if you made it 30 seconds into this video without being like “Oh, it’s Harry Potter.”

2) Gorillaz — “Stylo” (featuring Bruce Willis)

Remember when Bruce Willis was making his own music? He probably hopes that you don’t.

3) Father John Misty — “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” (featuring Aubrey Plaza)

Aubrey Plaza is one of the hottest people on the face of this planet. Period. Not even the fact that she’s a Father John Misty fan can take that away from her.

4) Dashboard Confessional — “Stolen” (featuring Olivia Wilde)

Olivia Wilde is VINDICATED in this video. 

5) Butch Walker and the Black Widows — “Synthesizers” (featuring Matthew McConaughey)

Alright, alright, alright. 

6) Sigur Ros — “Fjogur Piano” (featuring Shia LaBeouf)

This is Shia before he went full-blown insane and he’s wearing a man bun and control top pantyhose in the video, so.

7) Bob Dylan — “When the Deal Goes Down” (featuring Scarlett Johansson)

This came out in 2009 and can be taken as proof that ScarJo is a vampire and never ages.

8) The Rolling Stones  — “Anybody Seen My Baby” (featuring Angelina Jolie)

This era of Angelina was the best. This was when she was talking about blood, knives, and being bi-sexual. Now she has kids and is boring. Oh well.

9) Devandra Banhart — “Carmensita” (featuring Natalie Portman)

Seems as though literally ALL men love Natalie Portman, and Devandra Banhart is not immune.

10) Stone Temple Pilots — “Sour Girl” (featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar)

A lot of Buffy vibes happening here. 

11) HIM — “Buried Alive By Love” (featuring Juliette Lewis)

Not really related, but have you seen the videos that Juliette Lewis posts on her Instagram? She’s insane in the best possible way.

12) Marilyn Manson — “Heart Shaped Glasses” (featuring Evan Rachel Wood)

Evan Rachel Wood had to French her then- fiancé Marilyn Manson in this video. Think about it.

13) Guns N Roses — “Since I Don’t Have You” (featuring Gary Oldman)

Both Axl Rose and Gary Oldman are known for having volatile tempers. I bet that made for an interesting shooting day.

14) Aerosmith — “Crazy” (featuring Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone)

Steven Tyler made the controversial decision to cast his own daughter as “the hot girl” in this video.

15) Broken Bells — “The Ghost Inside” (featuring Christina Hendricks)

Broken Bells is a band that sprung from another super popular band (Thanks to the movie Garden State) called The Shins. But who cares, look at Christina Hendricks.

16) Paula Abdul — “Rush Rush” (featuring Keanu Reeves)

Keanu Reeves as a floppy-haired James Dean of sorts is the best acting he’s ever done.

17) Paul Simon — “You Can Call Me Al” (featuring Chevy Chase)

Chevy Chase actually pulls off that whole look of wearing a t-shirt under a blazer really well.  

18) Tom Petty — “Into the Great Wide Open” (featuring Johnny Depp)

Tom Petty, Johnny Depp, and Tim Burton are like the dude version of Sex and the City. I picture them just constantly hanging out, shopping, tuning their guitars, and talking about “hot babes.”

19) Eminem & Rihanna — “Love the Way You Lie” (featuring Megan Fox)

Eminem is terrifying, but Megan Fox is dreamy and makes this video an okay thing to have happened. Also, at one point Megan spits in Dominic Monaghan’s (literally thought this was Eminem) face and it’s the most sexual thing I’ve seen in a video in a long time. Am I gross?

20) Fatboy Slim — “Weapon of Choice” – (featuring Christopher Walken)

Dance like Christopher Walken is watching.