The Top 10 Earworms of 2015

Here’s a rundown of the songs that have been stuck in our heads the majority of the year.

There are just as many different types of music fans as there are types of music. Some people go deep on artists they like, learning everything there is to know about albums, songs, producers, and all the details in-between. Some people just see music as being there to fill the silence, and will listen to everything from Bach to a McDonald’s jingle — it’s all the same to them. But one thing that all music fans canagress on is the love of a truly catchy song. Some are excellently crafted songs, and some are tracks void of any artistic value but still float to the top of the muck pile and worm their way into your ear, refusing to leave. That can be really fun, and there’s no shame in that. Nope. No shame at all. *Sets Soundcloud to private.*

Here are just a few of our favorite earworms of 2015. Sorry in advance for getting them re-stuck in your head.