The 5 Greatest ‘Resident Evil’ Hotties of All Time

Meet the baddest beauties from the grandaddy of zombie games–just in time for the new “Resident Evil: Biohazard.”

The success of the original Resident Evil game in 1996 has led to an entire franchise of video games, movies and comics that explore the deepest facets and smallest nooks of the Resident Evil universe. 

To celebrate the release of the bone-chillingly awesome Resident Evil: Biohazard, we look back through the entire RE franchise to find the hotties we’d like to keep us company when playing Biohazard after dark.

5.  Alex Wesker

One of the early subjects under the Umbrella program, Alex was bred to be a superior human. It’s really no surprise that her story eventually winds up with her being hailed as a goddess in Soviet Union. Considering the character for the game was played by Elaine Hendrix, of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, we’d say the goddess title was deserved.

4.  Claire Redfield

Any character played by Ali Larter is A-OK in our book. That stays true for Claire Redfield, one of the ultimate survivors of the t-cell virus and several zombie outbreaks.

3. Jill Valentine

One of the primary female heroines of the RE series, we’ve seen more horror with Jill Valentine than we have with some of our exs. Unlike our exs, we’ve stuck with Jill through it all and continue on our long road with her through Resident Evil: Biohazard and, hopefully, beyond. Played by Sienna Guillory in the movies, we’d gladly endanger ourselves to make sure Jill sticks around. 

2. Rain Ocampo

The weird world of Resident Evil blames science for the zombie outbreaks you’re constantly encountering. Because of that, we get a good version of Rain, a bad one and, presumably, many more clones of her too. All played by Michelle Rodriguez. Which is kind of hot to think about but also pretty much a death sentence.

1. Alice

One of the most central figures to both the books and the games, Alice’s role in the films is played by the uber-sexy Milla Jovovich, who we’ve crushed on since she stole our hearts in Dazed and Confused and The Fifth Element. Whether she’s kicking ass or showing some serious vulnerability, Alice remains a character we love, not just in the Resident Evil series but in all of video game history.