‘Top Gun 2’ Working Title Revealed, Kenny Loggins Says He’s Ready to Return to ‘Danger Zone’

Let’s shove this into overdrive.

Top Gun

Top Gun: Maverick actually has three titles. This is more confusion zone than danger zone, but bear with us: There’s the official title; there’s Top Gun 2, which is what everyone is calling it; and then there’s the newly revealed working title, Island Plaza.

While Island Plaza sounds more like the name of a tiki bar or a tropical theme park, it has a purpose.

According to ScreenRant, this was the “title … included among a group of films awarded tax credits by the California Film Commission last May.” Its use apparently extended the tax credits in question.

All this is interesting but really just an issue between the production company and the State of California. What really matters to us is we’ll probably hear a new version of the iconic tune “Danger Zone” in the long-awaited sequel.

To this day, movies frequently have pop songs on the soundtrack, often accompanying the end credits. Most are hilariously forgettable because—let’s be real—they suck. But Top Guns anthem to soaring off into the blue, sung by Kenny Loggins, was a certified hit.

A Top Gun movie wouldn’t be the same without “Danger Zone” and Loggins and star Tom Cruise apparently agree. 


TMZ managed to harass the news out of the musician (see above) that he’d seen Cruise on a talk show, they’d talked about the song, and now Loggins is talking with bands he wouldn’t name about recording a new version.

Top Gun era Kenny Loggins and his mullet.

This is one sequel that’s shaping up to be awesome. This time, let’s hope Kenny Loggins leaves his mullet at home.

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