Topher Grace Cut All 10 ‘Star Wars’ Movies Into One Thrilling Trailer

The Force was with him.


“Topher Grace, Star Wars superfan,” is not the first thing that comes to mind when they think of the first actor to take on the role of Venom. But it’s apparently true—and it’s also true that Grace is one hell of a great film editor.

Because the actor’s supercut above, folding in scenes, lines, and themes from all 10 Star Wars movies to date, is nothing short of brilliant.

Here’s Grace’s tweet introducing the video.

So in 48 hours Grace and friend Jeff Yorkes hammered together a reel that runs like a perfectly-balanced summary of approximately 23 hours of action. 

The overall effect is—to an old-school Star Wars fan—moving as hell. The movies were always about stories that resonated deep inside the audience, mythic narratives as old as storytelling. It feels like Topher Grace got that in spades and created something that almost stands alone in pulling those dramatic threads across the entire series of films. 


If you haven’t watched yet, do it now, and buckle up for one seriously goosebump-inducing ride.