“Tosh.0” is Back!

And this time, he sets his web-redeeming sights on a ginger with a soul.

And this time, he sets his web-redeeming sights on a ginger with a soul.

Tosh.0 returns for a fifth season tonight on Comedy Central, so while we’re waiting for this kid to get a web redemption, we’ve decided to pick a few of our favorites from last season.

8. Bryan Adams Kid

This kid sang some Bryan Adams to get a girl’s attention. He also admitted his favorite movie is Battleship. We’re thinking the wrong fault may have been redeemed.

7. Male Cheerleader

He likes to call them his sisters. That is all.

6. Kid Juggalo

It’s a good thing this kid wasn’t a Maxim intern, because we’re fairly certain his juggalo makeup wouldn’t make the cut.

5. Pepper Spray Guy

Long story short: First ‘Badfinger’ lets a Stan Lee look-alike test out some pepper spray neutralizer on him. Then he lets a Kip Pardue look-alike do the same. It goes well… for us.

4. Virgin Trampoline Jumper

This almost 40-year-old black bed enthusiast gets a few pointers on finally doing the deed. First step: stop hanging out around 9-year-olds.

3. Rock Climber

Bro tip: Shitting your pants extremely close to your ‘sort of’ friend’s face will most likely move you up the ranks to ‘best’ friend.

2. Sweet Brown

We’re still not entirely sure if her father was cremated before or during the fire…

1. Smell Yo Dick

Lesson learned? Wash yo dick.

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