The Trailer For The Entourage Film Is Finally Here

Just in time for the holidays, the whole gang is back for more Hollywood hijinks. 

Has it really been only been three years since last we saw the Entourage crew? Well, the wait is almost over as the whole team is back for the sequel to the HBO show. 

Let’s take an inventory of bros — Vince? Check. Ari? Yep. Drama? You bet. Turtle? That’s Turtle? Wow. Turtle lost some serious pounds. 

From what we can gather, it appears that Ari is still angry, Lloyd has somehow not snapped and tossed him out a window, and Vince is carefree and having a pretty decent time spending other people’s money. Oh, and Mark Wahlberg is here to make fun of his brother. Everything about this film is going to be great. It arrives on June 5th (unless North Korea decides that Eric’s ongoing lame-ness is too much of an insult to allow this film to be released). 

Photos by Claudette Barius / HBO / Everett Collection