Watch the Intense, Creepy Trailer For Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’

Truly original horror from one half of Key & Peele.

Any fan who paid close attention to Comedy Central’s fantastic Key & Peele probably noticed that creators Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele weren’t afraid to take their comedy to weird, dark places. In a just-released trailer for his horror feature, Get Out, it’s clear that Peele has left the comedy behind and gone full horror. If this preview is any indication, we’re for an original and unsettling ride. 

In a scenario that hints at Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner meets Shirley Jackson’s classic horror story “The Lottery” with a touch of The Stepford Wives, Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris, an African-American man who is finally introduced to his white girlfriend Rose’s (Allison Williams) well-to-do family. 

It seems clear that from the moment Chris meets Rose’s parents, played by Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford, things are off—and they only get more and more disturbing. The only other people of color whom he encounters behave strangely, and he learns other black men have disappeared from the area before.

Get Out was written and directed by Jordan Peele and produced through Blumhouse Productions. We’re looking forward to learning the full story behind this unsettling trailer when the movie hits theaters on February 24, 2017.