Watch The Creepy New Trailer For Netflix’s Supernatural Thriller, ‘Spectral’

It’s like ‘Blackhawk Down’ meets ‘Poltergeist.’

Spectral is a mysterious upcoming Netflix feature film made in 2014. Its description on IMDB says it’s “A sci-fi/thriller story centered on a special-ops team that is dispatched to fight supernatural beings.”

Set in an unnamed Eastern European city, the trailer portrays what appears to be a deadly plague of Poltergeist-like apparitions. Only these ghosts aren’t misty, floating phantoms—they’re deadly, like Slimer on steroids. 

We kid but Spectral is clearly an original take on deadly phantoms and the military thriller, and the trailer, featuring stars James Badge Dale and Bruce Greenwood, has echoes of excellent films from the past, like Aliens.

Spectral will be available to stream on Netflix beginning December 9, 2016.