‘Making a Murderer’ New Season: Netflix Reveals Trailer and Release Date

“Once somebody’s convicted, they have to move mountains to get out of prison.”


Along with NPR’s hit podcast, Serial, Netflix’s first season of Making a Murderer was responsible for a kind of true crime renaissance. It went from a genre full of covert devotees afraid of seeming creepy to a staple of casual conversations.

Making a Murderer is still sparking those conversations and it’s easy to see why. The story of Steven Avery—once wrongly convicted of murder only to be convicted again—is engrossing and unsettling. And it’s far from over, so a new series begins streaming in October.

The series will be made up of 10 episodes examining continuing efforts to clear the names of Avery and his convicted accomplice and nephew, Brendan Dassey. While the trailer is brief, it takes fans right back to the heavy and often wrenching feel of the first season, embodied in the hashmarks indicating days in prison widening out to Avery’s mugshot.

Over the footage we hear a woman saying that “Once somebody’s convicted, they have to move mountains to get out of prison.”

For this second look at Avery’s ongoing efforts to gain his freedom, Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos once again headed to Wisconsin, where they followed Avery’s and Dassey’s families and the attorneys working his case. 

Many do believe Steven Avery is guilty as charged. The popularity of Season One even prompted production of Convicting a Murderer—a series involving prosecutors, police, and victim Teresa Halbach’s friends and family.


While Avery’s lawyers in the first season attained a measure of celebrity, they’re no longer on board. His new attorney is Kathleen Zellner, who specializes in overturning wrongful convictions. Viewers will follow Zellner’s efforts to find the truth that might set her client free. 

Season Two of Making a Murderer begins streaming October 19.