New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer Has Rey Resisting the Dark Side

She’s forced to choose between “light, darkness and something else.”

last jedi trailer
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We’re pretty sure no one at Lucasfilm is worried about how Star Wars: The Last Jedi will do at the box office. Showbiz analysts say it’s on track to top $215 million on opening day alone.

They’re still putting out teasers, however, and the one dropped Tuesday is perhaps the most intriguing yet. It’s titled “Tempt” and while some of the footage is familiar to anyone who’s seen past previews, there’s a new tension in this one that promises a darker experience than Force Awakens.

Luke Skywalker is no Yoda. 

This is also definitely not cute muppet Yoda coaching young Luke in doing handstands in a swamp. This footage features Mark Hamill as an intense, staring Jedi Master focused tightly on instructing Daisy Ridley‘s Rey in full use of the Force. 

“Reach out,” he tells her, “What do you see?” 

“Light, darkness, and something else,” says Rey as a series of ominous scenes flash by.

Perhaps the “something else” is the closest hint we have to just where Last Jedi is going. The Star Wars movies have never strayed from being classic heroes’ stories and they’ve always drawn very clear lines between good and bad, dark and light. 

A new installment with some moral gray zones might be exactly what fans are ready to see.

We’ll know for sure when Last Jedi rockets into theaters on Dec. 15.